No.7 Hoko-ji

Temple overview

◎ Religious school: Singon sect Chisan school of Shingon Buddhism
◎ Founded: Founded in 1912
◎ Founder: chief priest Ryuko Sasaki
◎ Current chief priest: The 3rd abbot, chief priest Ryugen Sasaki
◎ Principal image: Fudo Myoo

Pilgrim's hymn

北面の不動の誓いあなあらた 衆生をも国も鎮め給える
Hokumen No Fudo No Chikai Ana Arata, Shujo O Mo Kuni Mo Shizume Tamaeru


The temple was founded in the first year of the Taisho Era (1912(Taisho 1)) by Master Ryuko Sasaki. The main image of the temple was donated by the head temple, Chisakuin, and the mountain was designed to promote the Fudo faith and the spread of esoteric Buddhism.
The name "Hokumen Fudo-son" comes from the fact that it was placed facing north to pray for the protection and prosperity of the people who were engaged in the development of the northern land.
North is exactly the direction of Nirvana. The vow to lead to a world of peace and healing is clearly symbolized. The annual festival is June 28th.
It is also the 17th and 27th sacred sites of the 88 sacred temples in Hokkaido.
The temple has become a sacred place for the Sakahoku seven gods of good fortune.


  • From the direction of Wassamu, turn left at the intersection of National Highway No.
  • 40 and Higashi 11 of Shibetsu City Odori, cross the railroad track and go straight on at the crossroads.

1871 Minamisibetu-cho, Sibetu City, Hokkaido 090-0055