Hokkaido 36 Fudo-son sacred ground

A trip to Hokkaido 3000km surrounded by magnificent nature

Guided by Fudo Myoo

Based on the pioneering spirit, teachers of the Shingon sect of Buddhism built halls and established missionary centers and churches of the Fudo faith in accordance with the spirit of sentient beings who sought the vow of Fudo Myoo vajra invincibility.
At that time, they actively preached orally in order to stabilize their followers.
After more than a hundred years, teachers from various schools of the Shingon sect gathered together and, concerned about the great disturbance in the minds of the people in Japan, they developed the Fudo Sacred Sites.
After many years of pilgrimage to the Sanmitu-gyoo, the temples of the main deity Fudo Myoo, which are arranged in the four dojos of Hoshin, Shugyo, Bodhi, and Nehan, were collected to create the 36 Fudo Holy Grounds in Hokkaido.

Hoshin Dojo

A sacred place that connects Central Hokkaido and Northern Hokkaido

Shugyo Dojo

A sacred place that connects Eastern Hokkaido

Bodai Dojo

A sacred place that connects Southern Hokkaido

Nehan Dojo

A sacred place that connects Sapporo and Otaru

30 Years' anniversary Act


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Please call the secretariat to purchase goods.
No.19 Narita-sn Shoko-ji
TEL 0154-24-4349


New secretariat (R3.03.30)
No.19 Narita-san shoko-ji
7-5 Nakajimacho,
Kushiro-shi, Hokkaido
TEL 0154-24-4349

Hoshin Dojo
No. 2 Temple Shinno-ji has withdrawal from a group.
Until a new temple is decided, Shinsho-ji Temple, the third temple, will be kep red stamp.
No.3 Shinsho-ji
14 higashi raijocho,
Asahibetu-shi, Hokkaido 075-0162
TEL 0166-22-224

The third temple has been changed to Shinsho-ji Temple in Ashibetsu City.

It is Bangai Fudasho No.1 temple has been changed from Shinshoji Temple to Kyoshinji Temple in Teshio Town.
7-1811 Shinchidori Teshio-cho,
Teshio-gun, Hokkaido 098-3304
TEL 01632-2-1548

It is Bangai Fudasho No.2 temple Kogen-in has withdrawal from a group. 
The Fudasho will be closed until a new temple is found.


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